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Make your very own custom ninja, protect your village, or leave it to become a rogue.
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2008 12:58 am

First off...
- No RP Posts Less Than Three Lines
- No God Modding
- No Meta-gaming
- No Power-Playing
- Kissing is Allowed in RPing but not anything Further

Basic Rules
1. No Sexism
2. No Racism
3. No Ageism
4. Keep Swearing To a Minimum
5. No Spamming
6. No Being Mean
7. No Giving Yourself Free Money
8. No Giving Yourself Free Items
9. No Giving Yourself Free Pokémon
10. No Cheating
11. No impersonating Moderators
12. No impersonating Administrators
13. Do Not Create Multiple Account Without Permission
14. Respect Everyone
14. No Flaming
15. Obey Topic Names Such As [Ash Only] or [Closed]

Inappropriate images

This includes images placed in avatars, signatures, and post body that
insult members; promote adult behavior and suggestive actions;
violence; and/or pornography.


· Threads asking for free, unused accounts will be deleted.

· Post of someone else’s’ account information will result in a suspension.

Account sharing will only lead to scams. Please protect your account by
not giving your information to anybody for any reason!

Profanity/Inappropriate language

· The Pokemon X RPG community has a variety of audiences.
Inappropriate language (including sexual and adult content) and
profanity is not allowed on the forums. Curse filters are implemented
for a reason. It is not for you to bypass. Language used to bypass the
filter such as symbols, rearranged letters, etc. will treated the same
as profanity. This includes substitute words.

Illegal Activities

· Pokemon X RPG does not promote nor allow illegal activity in
anyway. That includes discussions about illegal music downloads, private game
servers, and/or illegal behavior. Threads with such discussions will be

· Activities that violate our Terms of Service and
conduct will result in immediate account deletion. This includes
discussing ‘hacks,’ ‘glitches,’ and ‘exploits,' unless Approved by an Admin.

Evading Ban

· If you
avoid your ban on the forums by posting with another account, your
double account will be permanently banned from the forums; thus
increasing your ban length, if banned temporarily.



Racism is not tolerated in any role-playing-related activities. Any
sort of racist comment and/or derogatory name will result in immediate
temporarily account suspension.

Slander/Malicious rumors about another player/member

This abusive behavior is not allowed and will result in a temporarily
suspension. Depending on severity of the violation, the account will
also be banned temporarily.


· Impersonating another member of the forums or staff will be banned permanently.
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