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 Plot Part 2 - [Return of the Hokage]

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PostSubject: Plot Part 2 - [Return of the Hokage]   Plot Part 2 - [Return of the Hokage] Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 7:25 pm

A year has passed since the hokage has been abducted and most have presumed him dead. However, the ninja council believes he's still alive, and are keeping the hokage position for him. The Dousuki have just began the surgery of implanting the bijuu clone. Josh has been asleep for nearly a month. After hours of effort the Dousuki succeed in sealing the Nine Tailed Wolf demon within Josh. As soon as they finished they called in the medics to inject the poison into his brain. The needle was inches from his forehead before his eyes flickered open fast. White chakra engulfed his body as he exploded with rage. Everyone around him were killed and forced through the wall. Josh then burst through the steel restraints around him. The steel projectile pieces flew at the leader but he was protected by some sort of force field. Even under such an influence of power Josh knew it would be best to make his escape. He had three tails that were formed in the aura that surrounded his body. His eyes were a glowing blue that was menacing. He then pulle dback his hand and lashed forward with the white chakra engulfing his hand before ripping through the wall in front of him, and within seconds he vanished from sight, on his way back to Konoha.
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Plot Part 2 - [Return of the Hokage]
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