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 Plot Part 1 - [A New Organization Arc - Dousuki]

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PostSubject: Plot Part 1 - [A New Organization Arc - Dousuki]   Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:52 pm

((We have already started this Arc))
There's a new organization. One that differs from Akatsuki greatly. Unlike Akatsuki instead of capturing 9 bijuu, they have made a clone of the Nine Tailed Fox, which has taken the form of a Nine Tailed Wolf. The only thing wrong with their plans is that the experiment might be life threatening if the person who the bijuu is sealed into doesn't have great chakra control. That is why they have journeyed to Konoha, kidnapped the Hokage, and plan to seal it within him. However, they will first restrain him, and knock him out before injecting a fluid into his brain that will turn him evil, and make him do anything they want. They then found that the new hokage event would be the best time. So they swooped in, and abducted him. Although he put up a very good fight he was greatly out numbered. He was knocked out, and taken away by their leader. -To Be Continued-

((Dousuki - Eye of the Moon))
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Plot Part 1 - [A New Organization Arc - Dousuki]
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