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 Forbidden/Requirement Jutsus

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PostSubject: Forbidden/Requirement Jutsus   Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:20 pm

Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu - Only Jounin, ANBU, and Kage level ninja and someone who has the Kyuubi sealed inside of them may use this jutsu.

Chidori - Only those who have the sharingan may use this jutsu, as well as the other chidori techniques, such as Chidori Senbon, etc.

Rasengan - Only Jounin, ANBU, and Kage level ninja may use this, unless you are taught by one of the listed ranks.

-PM me if you would like me to add a jutsu to this list, and why-
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Forbidden/Requirement Jutsus
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