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 Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED)

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Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED) Empty
PostSubject: Masuyo Hyuuga   Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2008 4:10 pm

Name: Masuyo Hyuuga

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Village: Konoha

Ninja Rank:
- Main Rank: Sannin
- Sub Rank: Sannin

Looks: [img]Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED) 7c7015[/img]

Personality: Masuyo is an intelligent individual. He is nice and caring who will sacrifice himself for his village. He listens to Death Metal music. He is notorious for his brutality when killing his enemies. He offers no mercy. He has a never give-up attitude. Masuyo prefers to study instead of chasing girls. However, he is very lonely and wished he had a girlfriend.
- Likes: Very hot women. Weapons and fighting. Training. Death Metal Music.
- Dislikes: Loud people. Self Centered people
- Fears: Failing.

Special Characteristics: Byakugan

Elements: Lightning, Fire, Water

Sub- Ninjutsu

History/Background Story:
AS Arc
Masuyo was born into the main family branch. When he was at 5 years of age, he was trained by his father. The first technique he learned was the Juuken Fighting style. After he was skilled in this area he enlisted into the Academy. He did normal when it came to the Clone, Transformation, and Replacement techniques, but he wasn’t very skilled at them. He did however excel at Taijutsu. He knew it was his calling. At age 10 he was promoted to Genin due to the average skill in his techniques.
Genin Arc
He was put on Team 3. He and his Team went on many D-ranked missions. In his spare time, Masuyo honed his skills. He was finally seen as a true Hyuuga when he perfected the 64 palms of the hand technique. At age 11, he was thrust into the Chunnin exam. The first stage was easy for him. His Byakugan allowed him to cheat very easily. The second stage however, was a different story. He did struggle because he and his team were attacked constantly. Masuyo did manage to steal the opposite scroll needed and fended off attackers while he and his team got to the tower. After they had made it, he soon followed. This had thrust him into the third and final stage of the Chunnin exam. He faced off against Kazumo Akibi. This ninja was known for his ability with Genjutsus. The battle was a hard fight. Three times Masuyo was fallen under a Genjutsu. He stuck with it and never gave up. Using Clone technique, his worst technique gave him victory. He snuck up behind while the ninja was occupied with the three clones. He then used 64 Palms of the Hand around his heart, which was already wounded due to the Juuken. This killed the ninja. He was then promoted to Chunnin.
Chunnin Arc
This was a boring time for Masuyo. He did some recon missions and some C ranked. He was eventually promoted due to his skill and wits. He had learned 128 Palms of the Hand. He was late to learn this technique. He had found his first element, Lightning. During his spare time he trained until it was so dark and tired he could not see straight.
Jounin Arc
This was a crucial time for Masuyo. He was fully accepted into his clan, and he had learned many techniques. He went some B rank and a few A rank missions. Masuyo was then seen by the Hokage. In a short time of being a Jounin, he was taken away by the Hokage for special training. He trained for 40 days and 40 nights. When he emerged he was a Sannin. Now it is present day…

Roleplay Sample:
Masuyo jumped form the top branch down to the bottom branch of the Oak tree. It creaked and crooned under the weight. Kunai flied from his side. In the attempt to pump him full of kunai he leaped out of the way. Thanks to his Byakugan, he was okay. “You can’t win Kazumo”, Masuyo said with a cocky voice. Suddenly he saw his best friend, Ukibo, standing there wounded. “Ukibo, what are you doing here. This is the third stage of the Chunnin exam, you got to leave, dude.” Masuyo said in a pleading voice. His friend’s eyes glared at him. Ukibo threw shuriken at him. At that point he realized, he was in another Genjutsu. He quickly pulled chakra to his hands, deflecting the slowly incoming shuriken. A voice boomed through the forest. “Looks like you’re going to have to kill your best friend, such a pity.” The voice had a hint of regret. “Kazumo, I know I am in a Genjutsu. I’m one step ahead of you idiot.” The voice went from a peaceful voice to an angry one. “I hate you Masuyo, prepare to die.” He was back into the spot where he left off, with Kazumo staring at him with his beady, black eyes. In that instant, Kazumo charged at him, screaming wildly…

Clan: Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED)   Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2008 4:34 pm

I'll look at it again, once you add your jutsus. Everything else looks good.
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Masuyo of the Sand(NOT FINISHED)
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